I study full time so I have a lot of old A4 booklets with text and stuff I’ve studied to just laying around. A few weeks ago I was horny and decided to “use” these booklets whilst making myself feel good. The paper is nothing like a glossy Elle magazine but they actually got me quite excited putting them on my belly and rubbing them on my legs. Since these booklets with text and info I’ve studied to aren’t really valuable to me I decided to cum on the papers ans boy did it feel good to do so haha 🥰

Anyone else who’s done the same?

I would also like to print out some “sexy pictures” of girls masturbating and reading magazines and make my own little booklet I could masturbate to but I don’t own a printer. Any ideas how I could make this happen?

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  1. The glossiness is what i love about magazines the most.
    If you like to make your own special prints you just use online print stores. I ordered many custom calendars, posters and also booklets with my favourite motives without hassle 🙂 (copyright etc)

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