These are my two favourite yearbooks (I won’t show the covers nor the inside for privacy reasons) but they have a beautiful aroma that fills the room (especially the one from Kungsfoto) and inside there are pictures of some of my crushes from school 😉

One of my hottest memories is from when I got the Kungsfoto yearbook and I was dating a girl and we used the yearbook in bed while pleasuring ourselves. So I’ve managed to see one of my fantasies, a girl masturbating to the school yearbook and bringing herself to orgasm while it’s on her belly!

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  1. Looking good. Speaking of yearbooks, I only have one (the high school one). I always wanted to try doing one with yearbooks, I even managed to grab a second one from my friend under the pretense that mine was missing. They have this shiny, high quality, very sharp print, and of course interesting pictures of interesting people from school.

    Hot take ahead, now, this is simply MY personal opinion, you’re free to disagree and all, we’re all grownups here so it’s cool. I’m more of a “you do you” kind of guy, so you do you. That being said…

    Here’s the thing with yearbooks though, I can’t in good conscience pull one off with yearbooks. I just can’t do it with the picture of someone I personally know. What would they say if they saw me doing those things with their pictures? They knew me as a friend they can trust, not… you know.

    I admit yearbooks are very inviting,,, you know what I mean. But… I just can’t. Hard to explain. And again, that’s just me. You do you with your yearbooks.

    So both of my yearbooks will sit on the shelf for indefinite amount of time.

    1. I have multiple copies of the two latest issues I got. One I’m going to keep sealed until I want to experience that “brand new yearbook feeling” again!

      And I also agree with you that if they saw you doing it to the yearbooks they might get freaked out. But I see it like this: I’m not doing harm to anyone and nobody will ever find out I pull one of to their picture in the yearbook. And the people in these yearbooks are people my age. I’m never going to use a yearbook from when I was a child! There are many more weird things people get of to in terms of sex.

      But it isn’t all just about the people in the books, more the feeling and aroma it gives me. It feels like a more fancy magazine if you wish. Also the format of them, they’re not the usual magazine A4 size. And that’s the type of thing that gives me excitement!

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