I’m going to keep only one of them. The other I will sacrifice to the fashion magazine Gods.

I’ll abuse it,crumple it, mess it up, rip and tear it up, and kill it !  What do you think?

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  1. You’ve inspired me to get a copy of this. Just got an offer accepted on eBay at £8 hope she’s worth it.
    Looks like I could spend a year having an everyday moment with this magazine. I might even get dressed up for the occasion.

      1. I have a huge amount of brides magazines and popteen magazine from Japan.
        Gorgeous and super glossy but what could I do to them?
        Seems such a shame but what a turn on!

        1. What could I do to them?
          Try putting water on those glossy pages as you look them.
          The more water the better. But after some time the magazine
          will start to turn to mush. Good turn on!

          1. How about a magazine soup in a tub?

            Here’s a description of one of my favorite treats that I allow myself no more than once a year (due to the massive destruction and great loss):

            The other day I filled my tub with warm water, brought about 15 Vogues, Elle, Marie Claire and others of my glossy fashion magazines collection, and plunged in, together with them – I was having a fashion magazine soup !
            I spread them all over my wet body and my face. Then I started rubbing my dick against some of the magazines, enjoying the strange new feeling of the magazines on me, getting soaked, soft and very heavy, with a very strong odor emerging out of them as they were “melting” in the water.
            My orgasm was quick and intense, with heavy loads of thick cum floating in the water, all over.
            After that I just remained lying there motionless, savoring the moment and enjoying the gentle tingles all over my skin, sent by the soaked magazines clutching and sticking to my body.

  2. So hot to see Kendall’s Sept Vogue crumpled and twisted like that. If possible i would have kept it as a spunk site for a while. Jizzing onto it in situ, and returning again and again to it, letting it air dry in between.

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