2022 was the worst year for Cosmo covers and I have every issue from the last 10 years. Finally the first cover of 2023 came out and it is hot! I am glad they are back, I was almost done and it was sad.

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  1. I so agree. I stopped my Cosmo subscription which was pretty sad to do, but Cosmo isn’t remotely like it used to be – a very sad version of itself. This months cover is the best in a long time. I bet it will be pretty boring inside, but at least the cover girl is stunning. Maybe the idiot editor has finally woken up that by putting together a boring cover, you ain’t going to sell a lot of magazines. US Cosmo’s editor should be fired as the magazine is less than half the size it used to be and only comes out 7-8 issues a year now?

  2. I’ve still been liking it for the last year but not as much as I loved the mag 10 years ago. I’ve still got my subscription and look forward to it every month though. Some issues aren’t great for masturbating with but they’re at least good for reading while taking a hot bath!

    1. I agree. Sadly Cosmo isn’t as hot as it used to be, but still hot enough to cum all over. I still get as giddy as a school girl when it cums in the mail. It’s instant hard on time. Just wish I had someone to blow me when im reading it in the bath, or to blow while they read it.

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