Think I may invest in a few of these this month x

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  1. These are great. My first was Bebe Rexhia may 2017. She’s wearing white pvc. I bought it in a pack with hello and a Arianna Grande Cosmopolitan for £4.
    Anyway I love the length or height of these magazines. Thin true but some seem packed with pictures you just be wanting to burst over. I did with this one. There also great in the winter if you get the annual Dior rouge and with Natalie Portman on the back.
    But like the weekly Bellas we discussed.
    I feel these magazines offer a sexy orgasm. And it feels a bit posh too!

  2. Are the pages slick like Cosmo? I would love to put the pages inside my allergy respirator, strap it over my face tight, and breathe as hard as I can through the pages. I like doing that because it’s like getting suffocated until the paper rips open. Then I have the ink smeared on my face. This would be a great magazine to cum all over.

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