One day I’ll just buy what I went in for!

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  1. I’d bang all them too. It’s funny how these days. The mummy magazines have got hornier covers on them than the main fashion magazines. I actually now look more forward to seeing the new monthly mummy magazine covers than the fashion ones. As they are quite uninteresting now.

    1. Very hit or miss as to what covers you get and thats a massive deal breaker for me. Some weeks I’ll buy 10 magazines all with gorgeous covers, then the following week absolutely nothing of any interest!

      1. True sometimes one can view all the current months magazines and struggle to buy anything. Then other months you could easily buy 6/7 of these shagmags. But the mummy ones are defo more hot these days than the main fashion ones. really love Woman and Home these days.

  2. I hope you enjoyed them – I personally could only do 2 of those, and even then, I doubt I’d have bought them – mostly because I can steal them from my mum when I visit!

    I know it’s probably weird, but I’m just not into magazines that are stapled. No idea why. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed ’em!

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