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  1. Nice I often think of getting a magazine from before I was born.
    I wonder if the last is still with us. Wonder if she’d like to know Her Elle cover is still being admired.

  2. That is soo fucking hot! Thanks for showing!

    Girls do look gorgeous in that period of time. Im trying to find some older mags here where I live.
    God I remember my moms magazines back in the eighties. What a flashback, As a young boy, I loved seeing those petit and elegant models smoking cigarettes and posing I think that was a start for my fetish. I wonder what should happen if I ever find a old magazine today with a fashion model holding a cigarette or smoking. I Think I probably would explode and all my cum would be drained from my balls,. Seriosly I think that is a very bad idea trying to find one. 🙂

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