Dec 212016

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  6 Responses to “vogue japan”

  1. great! gonna pick this one up

    I am getting more and more into asian glossies. Last months vogue china was hot as fuck, got it cheap off ebay.

    Right now i am flipping through a Bazaar China issue from 2010. Their beauty ads and editorials make me so hard.

  2. So happy I also bought this… just have to wait for it to arrive.

  3. Oh wow! The girl on the cover makes my cock real hard. I want to masturbate to this Vouge magazine. Great looking models and wonderful ads.

  4. this japanese woman in the magazine. fascinating. sexy.

  5. Ce qui m’a fait bondir sur mon nuage, c’est les revelations de Mr Asselineau sur ce qui ce cache derriere l&rrouo;Eusqpe. Je suis sidere de constater qu’on nous ment depuis tant d’annees. Regardez ses conferences : Qui gouverne vraiment la France ?

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