I’ll not even post the cover picture

Has anyone chosen to buy this issue?

Can Vogue UK get any worse.?

Sure she’s a nice person good actress. But for what we’re after, it’s just wrong on so many levels. Unless someone out there really loves Granny!

Dont get me wrong I dont mind some old birds. Ones that still.look like they want some cock.

Maybe Joan Collins, Even Helen Mirren! and some other older but they still definitely have to be in the bracket of still a turn on.

You can get some nice oldies on Woman and Home, Good Housekeeping or Prima

An anyone vouch for any Golden girls ? 50+ to qualify I think?

Anyway point is UK Vogue is generally a turn off since Shulman left

But this editor really loves all sorts of Tramps on a magazine that’s meant for beauty. Doesn’t make sense.

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  1. I’m just going to say this. Its a fashion magazine, its not a magazine for ones sexual fantasies. You kind of got to accept that. On another note, I thought the cover was great.

  2. Hmm…for wanking it might not be the “right cover”, and I think all members of the Vogue Company know, that guys like we are using the Magazine to get hot and cum to it / on it / into it…and do other things with it.

    But…it is norrmaly still a Magazine for Women. Women of all Ages. Sure the older Pornstar Vanessa del Rio or Stars like Tina Turner, Liza Minelli or others may…just may…look hotter than Judi. But we “Magazine wankers” are just a small bunch of the People, who buy the Magazine.

    Ello, I think for your Mother, your Aunt or the sexiest Girl two Flats next to you who buy the Mag, will not matter, who is on the Cover.

    The sad Truth.

  3. I think everyone else has already said it and I’m pretty sure I’ve said it in similar posts from you about this – we are not the intended audience for these magazines. We are a very very very small number of the customer base. They are not catering to us specifically. I’m not saying I like this particular issue but I also realize that it isn’t intended for me to jack off to it. This kind of criticism would be understandable if you were throwing it at the likes of maxim or playboy but not vogue.

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