I couldnt resist. I finally purcased Vogue Paris. I cover girl just blows me away. As soon as I got home I started to masturbate to it.

I really like Vogue Paris. It feels really heavy in my hands despite that it is not as thick as the Autumn issues.  I only go for the covers when I buy magazines and this one is my favorite of all my Paris Vogues.

I also got The Cosmopolitan and Vogue UK. I didnt like the Dua Lipa cover(I do like Dua lipa alot, She is one of my favorite cum girl.), it is lame in my opinion.  But the inside was a real treasure!!! Oooh god what body she has and not to forget her face.

Cosmopolitan is a true (instant erection) jewel.  I have to say that dotted dresses or large spots turns me on so much.  It is quite similiar to the Sofia Richies cover last year. She also had a dress with spots.

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  1. Vogue Paris is just amazing for its sheer production quality. Its my favorite of the editions and I’ll probably never stop getting it unless its EIC retires or leaves. But as for the cover its self, its just classic Anna Ewers, nobody else could have done it.

    Also I got the Vogue UK too not necessarily for the cover, I actually got it for the treat that is a Rianne van Rompaey editorial in it.

  2. Oh yes Paris Vogue is so fem and the feel and aroma is so delicious, also UK Vogue has a gorgeous glossy aroma I love being covered entirely inside these wonderful magazines.

          1. Will do looking for any kylie jenner mags too, dm if you have any unused ones youd sell

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