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    1. Hi popteen,
      It’s great fun ripping through 800 pages.
      But your right it is a shame. I did order
      a new, fresh copy from amazon. I will
      soon destroy that copy soon.

      1. I have the September issue from 2015 which is also in a presentation box.
        That’s also an 800 Page plus issue which I have drooled over since I bought it (beyonce is on the cover) but I feel that she may soon be subjected to this kind of treatment now that I have seen your work on miss jenna!

          1. Não entendo porque tanto ódio.O que de tão grave a Marina fez para ser chamada de a Doida do Xapuri e outros nomes do mesmo quilate?O Sarney, Renan, Jucá, Henrique Alves,os mensilearos desde a chefia, não são tratados assim.Será que esse ódio todo é porque a Marina Silva abandonou o PT por não concordar com as lambanças?

          2. I've had my eye on Rude for a while now but it looked a bit orangey in a few swatch pics which put me off a bit 🙁 It looks the PERFECT creamy coral here though! Yet another thing to add to the Illamasqua wishlist! BB's Calypso Coral is lovely too, I tested it on my hand in Selfridges and it was beautiful x

    1. Hi fashionglossy,
      After looking at all the beautiful glossy photos in my magazines, I’m all finished with them.
      You see I can’t just put a beautiful pristine Vogue magazine in the trash !
      So I damage it before it goes in the trash. It’s a great turn on for me. The last bit of FUN
      I can have with a magazine.

  1. usualy handle my glossies with great love and care, and wouldn’t dare to harm them.
    However, I always wondered how it will feel to rip and destroy a magazine, so I tried it once.
    I was surprised by the instant and intense orgasm I had, while doing it and rubbing my cock over the abused mag.
    It really blew my mind !

  2. I don’t have a fetish for glamour mags, for me it’s all about porn mags… I worship them and I treasure them…. and for some reason, the greatest taboo of destroying them is the greatest of all turn ons. I can’t explain it… I cum tears when something irreplaceable ends up in tatters, or ashes, or a soggy grey mush or drifting away in the wind off a cliff….

    1. Hi Stash,
      I had some older Playboy Magazines.
      After reading your post I spent some time with them.
      Your right, great turn on. I don’t have any Playboy Magazines now.

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