Im sooo happy today.  “nvm”(thank you my friend) posted a link to a Vouge cover that i found very arousning with Anja Rubik.

Today I printed the cover out at my work in A3. I can tell you that I was erected the whole day and all the way from work to home.

Im going to masturbate to it soon. And showing the result on my profile soon.

Anyway, I need 2 other covers of Vouge. If any one found them in hi-resolution. Please post a link to the cover pic.



Im glad to show you my A3 Print of the cover. Here you see the cover comparison with a Swedish Cosmo magazine. It is big, isnt it?



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  1. Thanks nvm, just what I needed. I got these covers by searching that site to get the models name and then google her.
    With this feature i can print the cover out indeed, but it is not the “real thing”. It is just a substitute to not having the magazine itself. My mastubation ritual include flipping thru the magazine and look at all the girls inside and when it is time for my load of cum I spray the cover or on a ad.

  2. Pick your favorite page. Cover mmy mouth and nose very tightly with it till im almost suffocated unconcious. Powerful orgasm. Close to suffocation without suffocation. Smothered with a magazine is most erotic way to do it.

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