So as we are in the summer I was wondering.

Moments after cleaning up from snagging a lovely mag. There is definitely a difference between in the winter. The magazines are at a fresh room temperature. Quite firm cold on the skin. The pages don’t flap around as much when playing with them in different ways.

In the summer. They tend to be more soft flap around more. The magazine aroma definitely wafts more in the air. They bend more easy. Any pre cum dries up a bit on them meaning a bit of oil is needed.

Any thoughts on this? There is a definite difference between summer amd winter magazine sex. I prefer s slight coldness on the magazine.

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  1. I live at the equator so we don’t have summer or winter. BUT, hear me out, sometimes I pull one off after taking a shower, taking the magazine / newspaper with me to the bathroom. Either cold shower or hot shower. I prefer doing one after cold shower. I don’t know how to explain it, but after hot shower (when the air is warmer) the paper is just soft and damp, not to mention the sweat. None of this is an issue when the air is cold.

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