Hey guys! Piggybacking on the post below about videos of women reading magazines. I mentioned in the comments that I have been doing various videos for you gentlemen from here. And you have been keeping me busy!

UPDATE: I have added a couple of videos into my media tab.

Also! If you are definitely interested, send me a DM and we will get the magazine party started!

I think what would be fun would be a weekly magazine read with me, Lindsay! It will be a subscription where I release 2 videos a week of me reading through a magazine for 5 minutes. I can take basic requests to my outfits and shoes if you have any interest. Magazine requests are definites! And I will absolutely read any magazines that you send to me!

As a benefit to everyone here, I can post a favourite video from the month for all to enjoy!

What’s everyone’s thoughts? Would I have enough interest to have a Lindsay reading glossier fan club? Who is my fanclub leader?!

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    1. Thanks! InStyle used to be a big favorite of mine. Still is, but it has changed a lot since their prime years.

      Unfortunately Red isnt an issue we get in Canada. I’ve been able to get my hands on ONE issue of Red

    1. While that does sound fun, I keep my content on the side of modesty. I don’t do nudity. There are plenty of women out there who do! But, I choose to keep my clothes on, and my magazines abundant ❤

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