Am I the only one tired of it? Fashion mags have embraced it with open arms and it is not a pretty sight. Every cover of every mag now has these “creatures” that look like men. They aren’t pretty and they are disgusting to look at. My favorite mag used to be Allure. Up until a few years ago, they exclusively put white girls on the cover, now every other cover has to be a “pErSoN oF CoLoR” and most of the time it’s not even a pretty one. It’s always those manly-looking things you don’t want to look at all. They are like pests that have infested every publication.

The only publications that have no fallen victim of this disease are Asian and apparently Russian publications. Look at VOGUE China and all the smaller Asian publications, they will either put asian or white girls on the cover. You will not see black women anywhere, it’s so refreshing.

Anyone also bothered by this diversity wave too?

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  1. I suspect you aren’t the only one.

    Personally I think it is a good thing. People of colour have been underrepresented for years in fashion magazines. There is some catching up to do.

    I question whether the trend should be characterised as a disease. Nor the description of black women as “creatures” that look like men, or disgusting to look at.

    I think you should pause and consider your attitudes.

  2. Well, we all have different opinion about that. Beauty is subjective.
    I personnally don’t mind about the skin color. But I admit that I prefer long hair in general.

    Fashion industry has been dominated by “white beauty” and we all have been formated with this vision. Since some years, we see more and more diversity, and it will be probably the norm soon.

    Just I’m really not into male with beard wearing dress (y’all know which cover I’m referring to).

  3. Dude you sound really pathetic, there are MILLIONS of women of different sizes shapes and colors, not all of them are gonna look like a picture perfect diamond. But to just play put one type of woman on a magazine would get dull and stale very quickly. And quite frankly the only disgusting looking creature around here is you

  4. I don’t have a problem with diversity. I don’t have a problem with different ethnicities. I’m as white as they come, and my GF is a Kyrgyz (She is what most of you would think as looking Mongolian) Muslim.. I’m in no way going to dismiss buying a magazine because the cover model is Black, Asian, Native American, Aborigine, or whatever.
    What I want to see is something “pretty”, fashionable, interesting, aspirational.. None of these things are exclusive to anywhere on the entire planet. Sadly, that’s not what we get though, is it? IF you want to see politically correct bullshit, then take a look at a couple of magazines I generally like – UK Cosmopolitan and Red.

    Cosmo has managed to get blokes with beards wearing makeup (twice), a “chunky” and not particularly attractive DJ from possibly the worst radio station in Britain, (and no, that’s not size-ist, I like chunky girls and have dated more than a few),an ageing drag queen who lost any relevance at least a decade ago and a cover that looks like a Gym owners nightmare.
    Red has fared slightly better – despite their similar trend of featuring women of colour in a proportion that significantly outweighs their representation where I live (UK), they have at least tried showing someone who could be considered beautiful – whether or not you agree with their assessment is your choice, but I don’t get the impression that they put their black models on the cover JUST to make the numbers up and try to appear inclusive. It’s not just those magazines – Allure and Glamour in the US are equally as guilty of this. UK Vogue, since they got their new (male and black) editor seem to be actively trying to alienate their previously core readership. “Yes, but that readership was overwhelmingly white!”. Yes, and to this day, despite preconceptions, so is the population of the UK. If you look at the wealth distribution of Britain, it’s even more skewed – thanks to many factors, I can guarantee it’s not the black women of the UK who are spending their money on the vastly expensive items Vogue tries to sell for their advertisers.

    Dear magazines – stop trying to be overtly hip and correct – look at who is actually buying your magazines, what they earn, what they wear, where they’re from, and adjust accordingly. Stop filling your pages with women who rap because they’ve got a “Wet Pussy”, once had a job on a radio station, appeared on a catwalk because someone felt they had to show us the numbers, and instead, concentrate on showing beautiful women in beautiful clothes, wherever they’re from, and whatever their skin tone is. We, your unacknowledged minority of male fans will not only appreciate it, but your core of women readers who have stayed with you loyally for decades i(n some cases) will also appreciate it – then maybe you’ll all stop shedding readers so fast that we seem to lose at least one beloved magazine from our home countries per year.

    On a highly related note – any of you folks want to bet what’s next to die? I’m going with Cosmopolitan UK. It’s not only shrunk in size, but it’s now thinner than an Ethiopian in 1995, and I’ve complained to hotels about better quality paper in my toilet roll.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts and replies.

    1. What bothers me most is that this trend is basically a lot of virtue signaling and appealing to advertisers. Editors couldn’t give two craps about minorities even if they tried. They never did, they know subscribers want to see white women so that’s what they’ve been doing. Proof of this is the past issues of the past decades, overwhelmingly white because that’s what people wanted to see. I don’t care if it’s racist, it doesn’t change facts. During all of the 2000s Allure US pumped cover after cover with a white gal on it, then in the 2010s every other cover is suddenly one black chick that is not even good looking. It’s like they purposely feature ugly black chicks to “defy culture” or some bullshit like that. In the end it’s just media company executives saying “PRINT BLACK CHICKS, IT PLEASES ADVERTISERS!”. These editors are just following orders. It has nothing to do with “let’s address under representation of minorities”. It’s all bullshit of the highest degree to make them look good. Editors are just employees who answer to the higher ups, they have little autonomy. Not to mention this trend has extended to every form of media. Movies, TV advertisements (not that I watch TV), series, every fucking entertainment medium is overflowing with minorities. It’s not a pretty sight and it’s very obviously forced by people with a clear agenda. Wait until the pendulum swings the other way, the damage will be massive.

  5. Generally this post is correct. Yes there are many beautiful black or ethnic or lets just call it overweight. woman out there. Plus yes it is nice to see some more, as long as they are nice to look at!! ie Beyonce, Rebel wilson, Pryanka Chopra . But the main titles. Elle, Bazaar, Vogue, Cosmo have become a bit bland. There is nothing wrong with diversity. But these titles are now mainly including woman that would struggle to score a date with a typical average looking bloke. They have become too woke and political. Defo UK Vogue!!

    A lot of the times the woman look as though they have come from Guantanamo or the Calais migrant camps. Yeah ok its nice to be nice everyone is beautiful n all. But in the fashion world??. In the last year i have not bought a single one of these magazines. They are no longer glamorous to look at. FACT

    1. I appreciate yours and “Icantbreef”‘s replies.You both nailed it. There’s nothing wrong with seeing a woman of any ethnicity on a magazine – women are delightful, that’s undoubtedly why we’re here. It’s also a fact of life that ALL people, male or female will be considered to be somewhere on a scale between Unattractive – Average – Attractive. Magazines would do best to head for the “Attractive” part of that spectrum, wherever their model is from.

  6. I like all mags! No matter the cover I try to be excited as a woman would do in the same case, getting a new mag! Sometimes I liked to go to the magazine store and buy them without knowing who was on the cover that month. It was a surprise! But I recognize that, like all fashion or trend, sometimes it can overwhelm us or even tire us (beyond its intention). Cheers!

  7. I honestly dont care. As long as its creative fashion content with a good model. Don’t care. Honestlly not sure what you are talking about anyway. You sound like a racist douchebag so honestly I hope more covers are of people such as Adut Akech, Mayowa Nicholas, Riley Montana, Chanel Iman, Jasmin Tookes, Leomie Anderson, Paloma Elsesser, Joan Smalls, Maria Borges, Cindy Bruna, Anok Yai, and many more, I dont give a crap.

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