Hi there guys!

I have a date with some Vogues. I just got the Italian Vogue. Both Kendall and Kaia makes me soo aroused.

One of my favorite Vogue issue is the Daisy Ridley issue. GOD I have cummed so many times to her. I am also a Lady Gaga masturbater so her issue was a choice of no distortion..

I am so hard right now. It is time to use them. Wish me luck.


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  1. Italian Vogue is so hot! I only have one issue, but I’d love more of the italian issues! The US Vogue with Daisy on the cover is also one of my favorites from recent years. Unfortunately, I’ve made quite a mess of mine.

    1. I have to agree woth the italian and French Vogue they are thicker and bigger in format. I like them alot. Im glad to hear that you gave Ridley and Vogue a hard time with your cock. 🙂

  2. Have to agree. I have a French and Italian vogue they are rammed full of cumtastic pages. It would take a year of constant stroking to glue these together!!!

    At some pit I’m going to try and add German,Spanish japanese etc. And do vogue the world over.

    1. Don’t miss a good issue of Vogue Spain, it has thick and glossy pages with a perfect scent. Also Vogue México has the most sexy editorials but the pages are a bit thinner.

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