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  1. Well done. Had times over the years with Bella magazine. She has a lovely sting in her tail. Great also having magazine times with woman nearly or just above the 50 age group. I’m sure they appreciate the attention we give their magazine covers. And Holly think I’m going to get her.

    1. The weekly womens magazines have their moments with nice covers and it’s great being able to shop for them regularly too, cheaper to replace should anything happen to damage the glossy covers!
      Bella magazine has lovely pages to enjoy too xxx

      1. I used to love Bella back in the 90s when the models were like hot 30/40 year olds and not all plastic surgery.
        They used to make me have massive big O’s all over them
        Interesting these magazines have a totally different feel being wrapped round my cock than the fashion Glosses.
        Do you ever like the Saturday magazine from the Daily Express? They are hot too

        1. I used to get the e press if the Saturday magazine had a good cover but it went less glossy the last time I got it. Has it changed back again now?

          1. No your right
            It’s not as good now. It’s too rough! Us The sun Fabulous

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