I know many of us are more into the thick glossy monthly magazines, but how many others have or still do get the weekly magazines? I’m in the uk and we still have a reasonable selection but the covers aren’t as exciting as they once were, so I’m glad I have a lot dating back to the early 80s.

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  1. here in germany are many weekly magazines, but I don’t like them. the paper feels cheap and the smell of them is worse. I don’t smell on the pages, but the scent of the whole weekly mags are bad.

    1. Germany has many fantastic magazines, but not all are weekly…
      I adore Brigitte and Freundin – They’re not trying to be high fashion, just regular (slightly expensive) clothes, and they feature some delightful models. I’m happy that they’re fortnightly, so I get a Brigitte one week, followed by a Freundin the next. They also smell great and have a delightful smooth feel…

      I’ve never liked the UK weeklies… the paper quality is shite, the covers/ graphic design could kindly be described as “crap” at best, they’re stapled instead of bound, feature too many horrendous “celebrities”, are way too gossip focused, and they seem to be still aimed at the same women that they were 30 years ago, which suggests their target audience is aged between 65-70 and going upwards each year.

      Germany wins the non-monthly magazine battle against the UK.
      Yes, I’m English…

      1. but the sad fact: here in germany you NEVER have so such big vogue, elle, bazaar issues. NEVER. not big september or else. seems, that the industrie thinks, german women and…for sure…magazine lovers like us…not want that.


    2. The only weekly mags I can tolerate are OK! And sometimes Grazia (although this is fortnightly at present) I used to love Look, more! And some of the weekly lads mags like nuts and zoo.

      Not a great selection anymore – and Vogue & Grazia covers have been hit and miss so don’t always buy them. Even Cosmo is a shadow of what it used to be when it was in the larger format.

  2. In Denmark we have some good weekly magazines, But i wonder if any of you here, didnt have a mothe who bought weekly magazines? As I remember it was very normal 30 years ago

  3. Hi Jackie, I am also in the UK. I agree weekly magazines were better in the 1970s and 1980s but I still buy Woman, Woman’s Own and Bella. I suppose because I was brought up with these. You can also buy vintage magazines on places like ebay. I have several women who share their magazines with me, and they enjoy doing so.

  4. I enjoy masturbating here in the USA with a weekly magazine called. “Woman’s World”, Love kissing and fucking the magazine and it gives me great orgasms. My mother gives me her women’s magazines to “do it” with also and loves watching me do it and orgasm..

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