What are your go-to magazines that you always buy when you see them in store or online?

Hey, i was really wondering what brands or types of magazines you all like the most. I’m looking to buy some more magazines that i don’t usually get, just to try something a little bit new and fresh. As you may see i usually buy “Det Nye”, “Costume” and “ELLE”, but i don’t really get any other magazines. I know that my favorite magazine is probably “Det Nye” or  “Costume”, but maybe that will change.

I mean apart from the fact that i want to buy more magazines, it’s also kind of interesting seeing all the different magazines people enjoy, and buy.

Also, are there any exclusive magazines in your country that are not sold worldwide, or in many different countries? I so are they better than the more “well known” once?



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    1. That’s nice. I’ve been in denmark a couple of times, and i’ve bought the magazine “Femina” before. Ended up really liking it, so if i go to Denmark again i’ll definitely buy it.

    1. I was in the UK back in december of 2019, so not too long ago, and was honestly a bit disappointed with the magazines i found in the regulear grocery stores. When i was there however i found a magazine store, and they had some good once. Like i feel like you gotta go diggin a bit more to find the really good magazines, But yeah. I also really like Vogue and ELLE, they’re always good when i buy them.

  1. Vogue above all! Only Vogue maintains nowadays my standards but truth to be told, overall quality of mags has declined. Then comes Elle or Instyle. The magazine I still need to put my hands on is Porter, they look so dreamy… Your selection looks amagazing btw. I would to love see more of Costume.

    1. Thanks, i really like costume!
      It’s very true about the magazines, because i have quite a few older magazines from around 2014 – 2017 and they are mostly better than the once i find in store today. But sometimes you strike gold and find something nice today aswell. I just don’t find that happening as often anymore.

    1. That’s nice. I’ve heard lots of good things about Eurowoman, but never actually bought one. If i ever see one in store that looks interesting i’ll definitely buy a copy. You seem too have a very nice collection of magazines you tend to buy, and there’s definitely a few of them i’ve never bought before.

      1. Eurowoman is great. Please try if you got a chance.
        I want to try Det nye, Kamille or KK. They look Gorgeous. There are some lacks of Norwegian magazines here where I live
        Prehaps we can trade? 🙂

  2. I am partial to women with sexy abs, so I am often attracted to Women’s Health these days.

    Other than that I basically just buy the September and March Vogues – USA if I can get them, UK if not. I admit I don’t really worry about magazines much these days. I think I am more attracted to the idea of them than the actual magazines themselves.

  3. So the magazines I buy every month are cosmopolitan,Elle, woman and home, occasionally I’ll buy good housekeeping, red, vogue
    My regular weekly magazines are pretty much all of them woman, woman’s own, woman’s weekly, best, Bella, I occasionally buy grazia, closer, heat, ok, hello, my weekly. I’m sure theres’s a few others that I’ve forgotten.

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