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  1. I got this: why?? .. well now they would have nice chance to study the effect of the cover to the sales.. I’v been thinking quite often do they study this as I think some covers are just ugly and boring and will not sell because of it… and now as magazines are doing bad and closing I see them putting out more and more shitty covers as just to help them fail.. even the models in the covers look depressed, the colors dark and the whole mood shitty, not to mention the fall of the paper quality.. I think we are in trouble, but hope at least few mags will stay and hopefully have extra good quality.

    1. I totally agree with the opinion of Ellecult. They are going down continuously. Not just the quality of the paper but also the crappy covers are the reason why the sales go down. I have a girlfriend who collects the magazines – she has at least 4-5000 magazines in her house. And she is constantly sick from this kind of covers. When I asked her about this cover she told me she was totally sick when saw this one.
      She is a hetero woman but hates to see man on the cover of a woman magazines.

      But not only cosmo is going to this direction. Almost all the magazines from germany (Bazaar, Vogue, Elle.. ) switched to crap paper quality.
      For example imho German vogue has no good covers from 2016 marc till this year. But I was shocked when I saw they also changed the paper to toilet paper style. The good cover doesn’t compensate me in this case unfortunately.

      There is also a typical Austrian magazine, called Wienerin. It has so nice covers from 2012 till 2 years ago. From that time something has changed. The editor or just they cannot pay enough for the models, no idea… but they have constantly shitty covers. 🙁 I am sad because of this.

      My other favorite magazines are the Petra and Freundin – see some pictures about them in my libraries – has changed too. From the original 250-290 pages it went down to maximum 200, but mainly 170 pages. There were 2-3-4 editorials about mode and one from beauty, one from stars. Often with naked models 🙂 Now it has only 2 editorial and 1 about hair. That’s all. Besides this half of the mode part is just clothes without models. What a pity.

      No idea why the editors/producers don’t see these changes will ruin the magazines. At least the printed version. And i just don’t think people will read the online version for a long time range.

      I had also the idea they just wanna shut down the whole magazine business. That’s why these changes are.
      Meanwhile I am just hunting magazines from the years before 2010 on the second hand markets. They are usually cheap and have good quality.

  2. Well I think the majority of the customers of Cosmopolitan is girls and woman, not men. And this cover will not affect negative to a womans point of view. Perhaps they will sell about a hundreds copies less due to the fetishers. And if we found a cover boring or pretty shaggy the womans do not.

    1. Maybe for this cover it is different, but still, there is a reason why they use women on covers of these magazines usually, not men. I am also quite sure a boring looking magazine sells worse than good looking one and that men and women might not differ that much on seeing beautiful or ugly things. If that would not be the case, then women’s mags would have men on covers more often or the women on the covers would be not selected there based on their looks. Color usage etc have been studied and marketing studies made on lot of subjects and I would imagine magazine covers are not immune to human psychology… I am just curious how much it affects and how much do these companies consider these in their sales..

  3. Very sadly Cosmo is in self-destruct mode it seems. There are editors who simply haven’t a clue and I think couldn’t care less as they will move onto other jobs when the magazine fails. We saw a succession of very poor covers on Aussie Cosmo and a number of different editors in the last four years of Aussie Cosmo. Aussie Cosmo was also doing pretty well right until Bauer Media bought the magazine from ACP here – and they sat on the product until it died. 🙁

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