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  1. As I desire to be a woman’s magazine, and be bought and read by her, so I can be owned as one of her possessions, I suppose any other fetish that incudes being treated as an object. For example, being bagged in shiny black polythene and being put out in her trash bin.

    I also imagine being a subscribers copy, and sealed in polythene and sent through the mail.

    So i suppose, polythene is my other fetish.

  2. Handbags. Especially shiny patent of metallic ones. Live seeing a woman having a magazine popping out the top of her bag. Or her taking out putting the magazine in the bag. I live rubbing my cock on bags too. They give ne an almighty climax. Walking off into an open bag with 3-4 fashion magazines inside and pourmy jiz all over tje bag and magazines is hot.

  3. I collect fashion magazines like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle. But this is the thing, when no one is home I rip up them and destroy them. All my magazines are killed this way. I clean up the mess before any one gets home. Big turn on for me. I have videos on youtube. See destroying a fashion magazine.

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