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  1. What’s the one with the rimmel make up ad. I need it bad.

    This is the type of thing I’d see in a waiting room, like Dentist, hospital. I’d be desperate to take them home, but know I can’t touch.

    1. You mean the Chanel Ad? That’s Vogue march 2017. It’s hard to find the glossy version of that magazine on ebay since most people are only selling the non-glossy subscription version.
      And yeah, I’d be eyeing those so badly in a waiting room.

        1. I learned this the hard way.
          It depends on the magazine, but with Vogue (USA), their subscription magazines (that come in the mail) are printed with a less glossy cover. The ones available at stores and newsstands are printed with the nice glossy covers that we all love.
          Harper’s Bazaar (USA) has glossy covers for both retail and subscription though.

          1. On second thought, you might be right. I did buy the March 2017 issue off ebay, and I swear it was more glossy than than the copy I have now that I also got off ebay. I returned the first one because it arrived in bad condition that was not specified in the listing.

          2. It was also my impression that what I got were not subscription copies, because they didnt have address labels on them.

          3. Yeah, this March 2017 Vogue issue has particular sexiness about it. The women on the front and the Godly-Sexy Chanel Ad on the back. I got chills and a tingly boner when I picked this out from the store back in 2017. It felt so amazing to hold this against my body while I had the Chanel Ad showing while I walked to the self-checkout.

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