May 042020

Last week i got some mails with bid to buy some magazines. Which do you think I should buy?😏

  10 Responses to “Which should I buy”

  1. I would go for option number 3 if not all 😉

  2. Yeah 3, number two has a guy on it! Us I’ve had the Rita Oro cosmo great editorial.

  3. Nina dobrev or megan fox

  4. Nina Dobrev for sure

  5. Nina Dobrev. One of the sexiest Cosmo covers ever. I have it as a desktop backround.

  6. I’d have to choose all xxx

  7. I would also say all of them!

  8. You’re crazy if you don’t buy all of those lovely Cosmo’s.

  9. You’re crazy if you do not buy all those lovely Cosmo’s!

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