Dec 052019

Why this forum is created? Why we are here? Why this community try to search and post magazine related pictures?

Are we interested in magazines? Are we interested in magazine fetish?

Are we gays? Are we interested in penis?

I don’t know why u are here guys. I am a hetero guy who love magazines and WOMEN on the magazines, and women in general.

It is disgusting for me when you post pictures about your dick and your anus. If I would like or enjoy these kind of pictures I would visit a gay forum and not this page.ย  I am not interested in gay porn, not interested in your penis or what u put in your ass.

Maybe I am alone with this feeling, but nowadays there are significantly more post about this then magazines.

That’s why I just visit it once a month. Why I didn’t upload more pictures, although I have more than 1000 magazines at the moment, and many of them for sale.

I liked very much – and that’s why I still coming here – when you post older magazines here. Like there was a beautiful series of Femme Actuelle or older Elle magazines.

This won’t be a popular post, but I wanted to share this.

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  1. I am the the same boat as you. hetro with a love for women and their magazines. the issue is not new, and our administrator has ealier made the rules about what there can be posted to us all here, and those pictures with dick and asses is for the private profiles only, but if you are friends with them you can see them.

    I believe it very important we support and guard this site, I have walked around for over 25 years with the feeling of bieng strange and allmost crazy because i womens magazines turned me on, but with the internet and Previous sites i have found out, I am not alone ๐Ÿ™‚ with this site we have a comunity, its a place where we understand eachother and can support eachother and show understanding.

    What our members do with their magazines it their own business, but this is not a gaysite, this is our safeplace where we can talk with likeminded people and exchange pictures for our wonderfull fetich. We shall guard this place but there are room here for all.

    It is the administrator who has the final say and i am sure he will repeat the rules yet again.

    Good day to you all


  2. Same, I love magazines, and woman reading them gets my harder then iron. Same as you, don’t like seeing a man with a buttplug and a magazine. I like doing that myself, no problem. but don’t wanna se other like that

  3. Exactly! I love fashion magazines as they are to me the secret world of women and femininity and this is what turns me on. More classy and glossy the better. I also have way more than thousand magazines and I like to keep the in mint condition, they are after all my girls, shiny and beautiful. Naked dudes, their dicks and asses are real turn off to me. I also do not understand how this even works for a gay guys, but I don’t care really. I rather had this site without pictures of dudes and their dicks as it is about women’s magazines.

  4. I find things stuck in peopleโ€™s anusโ€™s distasteful. It puts me off coming on here. Love seeing covered covered in spunk!

  5. I’d hope we could be open-minded and tolerant. If there are some style of pics that dont appeal – click on by them to the ones you do like. Just relax.

    The fact that some people “can’t understand how people can do x , or think x is hot”, is immature and uninteresting. Grow up and accept that not all others that find fashion magazines attractive think _exactly_ like you do.

    • magHunt baby, it does not mean person is not open minded and tolerant if you do not like looking at cocks and assholes of men ๐Ÿ™‚ … cocks and assholes have nothing to do with women’s magazines. If it is a turn off, then it is a turn off and has nothing to do with intolerance.. I just find guys disgusting… There is not much I can do about it… and as I wrote I thought this site was about women’s magazines.. Then again the fact I am curious how this magazine thing works for gay guys surely does not mean anything immature, but exactly what you were asking for, that is the open minded attitude. I wrote there and told what it is to me and am I immature for being curious? Is it immature and not interesting to discuss about these topics? To me it seems you might be a bit immature accusing others of it and telling them to grow up. Surely it is interesting why and how people get their kicks for the magazines.. at least I am curious and open minded about the reasons. To me it seem you are the one telling other to think like you do and at the same time acting like some social media warrior ๐Ÿ™‚ . I hope this is just a misunderstanding though.

      • Thanks for your response. Let me try to clarify. I would like everybody who is attracted to fashion magazines to be welcome at this site. That’s the tolerance and maturity bit – for us all to be able to say when we see some posts that don’t appeal: “that’s not my thing, and i don’t really understand their sexuality, but if they’re into it, that’s just fine – I wont look at those pics, or read that story”. If people don’t have that tolerance and maturity, then that’s bigotry.

        As far as someone ‘explaining’ to you why they find this or that arousing, why they like cocking pics, jizzing them, or putting them up their arse or whatever – of course it’s entirely up to them whether they want to do that. People will generally engage when they detect a sincere interest. Many people feel the gay/straight/bi divide is too rigid, they are gender blind or pan or some other term that suits them.

        • I agree, but there is just one thing. It is not just that cock and guy asses are not appealing, they are a turn off and I have quite few times accidentally opened such photos on my screen.They are usually just part of some mag photos ๐Ÿ™‚ I really don’t like it, but I am not saying there is something wrong with them or that they should be banned etc.. I don’t really know could it be a bit clearer where and how the gay content should be posted here or does it make any sense.. maybe not. all I am saying it is not nice for me personally and makes nice mag experience turn sour when I accidentally open such photo. So it is not a big problem, just annoying one that sometimes happen. It is nice if gay or bi can share this thing together really, but I just wish to see amazing magazine content ๐Ÿ˜‰ The thing I was interested is, not why gay guys like stuff you mentioned, but why they would get turned on by magazines with photos of women. But maybe it is because they are bi, but I don’t know.. would be just interesting to know if there is some “100% gay” here to tell me what in the women’s mags turns them on ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Thanks. I think you would have to ask the people who post cocked pics, as it can be different for each of us that are attracted to fashion magazines. Like you, I love the glamour, style, elegance and artistic direction of the magazines that are my favourites, and I enjoy reading them and relaxing with them. However, unlike you, and others, I don’t mind it, and can enjoy it, when others ‘share their appreciation’ by posting cocked pics. Penises are not disgusting to me (unless they haven’t been washed for days, ugh!), they’re just another body part, and I believe cocks can look handsome and strong next to a well-styled fashion image. And I just love, Love, LOVE jizzed pics. We’re all a bit different although we probably share a lot of common ground.

          • (unless they havenโ€™t been washed for days, ugh!) lol ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I’m not gay too, but I like to see how others put their cock on magazines. I love the way @overvogue does that since a long time.

    Just to see Magazine Covers or Pages of that Mags, I don’t need an Onlinegroup.

  7. And dont forget the Discord group that someone kindly set up:

    There are different boards there – SFW, NSFW, sissy, femme, pics, chat. And people are starting to post there. Come over, agree to the Rules, and check it out!

  8. I 100 % agree with ellelover and I am totally turned off by dicks or male asses or cummed covers…I love to see pictures or videos of women reading and having fun with mags. I also love the stories of overvogue or others but all the gay stuff turns me off.

  9. The main problem with all this is: WORDPRESS. This is a messageboard NOT a forum. This messageboard just let registered members to create a post lika a blog. there is no difference. Any member can post what the hell he wants. Like it or not. I prefer a forum with many sub forums for ever man to like and it is up to you to read that forum or not. We all like different stuff , im very open minded so I dont care if someone post his ass or dick, I Ijust DONT READ IT if I found it not pleasing. Im pretty easy actually. Up to today I havent come across a fetish forum for magazine, which is sad, (I cant manage to create one on my own so dont ask), We should consider what we want to show or not. For me im NOT into Girls reading a magazine or girls reading while fucking, That does not do anything to me sexually… Im interesting what other people do who share the same interest as me do with their magazines . That is my 5 cents .

  10. Agree completely, I believe this sort of stuff is already supposed to not be posted here. I personally got no issue with cum on magazines however I believe for people who just want to look at magazines which I believe is what everybody is here for and what the site is for. Thumbnails of such content should be removed if possible.