Why this forum is created? Why we are here? Why this community try to search and post magazine related pictures?

Are we interested in magazines? Are we interested in magazine fetish?

Are we gays? Are we interested in penis?

I don’t know why u are here guys. I am a hetero guy who love magazines and WOMEN on the magazines, and women in general.

It is disgusting for me when you post pictures about your dick and your anus. If I would like or enjoy these kind of pictures I would visit a gay forum and not this page.  I am not interested in gay porn, not interested in your penis or what u put in your ass.

Maybe I am alone with this feeling, but nowadays there are significantly more post about this then magazines.

That’s why I just visit it once a month. Why I didn’t upload more pictures, although I have more than 1000 magazines at the moment, and many of them for sale.

I liked very much – and that’s why I still coming here – when you post older magazines here. Like there was a beautiful series of Femme Actuelle or older Elle magazines.

This won’t be a popular post, but I wanted to share this.

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