In recent ywasince most magazines have become all arty and ultra feminist. I’ve found woman and home magazine my current number one. Yhe covers, smoothness, smell, cover and fashion editorials quite hot.

They never fail to make me burst out of my pants and I never fail them in the amount of gratitude I pour on them!!!!.

The other photos putting large magazine pictures up on my bedroom TV.

The other is Shania Twain in a recent Sunday Times magazine.

Anybody finding that the mumsy magazines Prima, Good Housekeeping and Woman and home better than Vogue, Elle etc these days. ??

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  1. I agree, other mags like Grazia have gone that way too, I think the covers and the mag itself were really hot until around Covid first happened and now its dropped off a lot.

  2. I still love Cosmo, Elle & Vogue but it’s been a bit since I checked out the others. The current issue of Elle, the one you have a pic of, is super hot.

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