Hi there – I’m new to this amazing forum and wanted to share with you how I got into this fetish.

It all began when my big sister started reading Woman – a danish magazine aimed at young women (age group 18-35). I immediately fell in love with the glossy cover and the juicy headlines about ultimate guides to blowjobs, hot sex for the holidays, frisky drinking games, fashion must-haves and beauty tips (I believe Woman is quite similar to Cosmo).

Every year my family traveled to southern Europe for the summer vacation, and I remember the feeling of excitement, when my sister visited the magazine-shop in the airport to buy the newest issue of Woman – the smooth way she carefully put the magazine in her bag! And that was only the beginning. Next followed the sight of the glossy magazine popping out of the seat pocket in the airplane and later the amazing view of my sister reading the magazine by the poolside. But the very best part was to find the shining magazine on the bed table of her room. A few times I dared to rub the cold magazine against my body, so hot from lying in the sun for hours. What a thrill! I was so anxious she would step into the room and reveal my little secret – but she never did:)

Since then, I’ve been in love with womens magazines!

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  1. Theres nothing worse. When you are in the vicinity of someone or in a place where there is o e or two magazines that are constantly present on show. That you are just bursting to have so.e ti.e with. A bit lime a forbidden fruit.
    For some reason. This for me makes the cover model look more teasing the cover itself more smooth and shiny.
    Even if you can go back to your lair and pound some magazines. For some reason it’s not the same
    You cant up thinking of the one you can’t have or get.

  2. Welcome!
    I’m from Norway, and i think it’s really nice to see some more scandinavian people on here.
    hope you enjoy the content on here, because there are quite a few active people in this community that share lots!

    Btw, I loooove the cover on the magazine in the back, you know the blue and pink one.

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