Hey guys,
Every now and then, while flipping through my precious glossies, I come across a photo of a woman holding or reading a fashion magazine.
This is an instant extra thrill for me, so I wanted to share some pics with you, for your good use…;)
How do you feel about such pics?
Do you also find such pics in your mags?

Update (17.3.17): New pics of some of my latest buys.

Note the gorgeous Gwyneth in the middle, with a thick glossy mag on her lap – very hot!

Also note V Magazine, issue No. 100, spread with a nice close-up on an open magazine in it…

Inside V Magazine issue 100 fresh new magazines.4 - 16.3.17 Gwyneth reading magazine.1

Gwyneth Paltrow - Harper's Bazaar 11Harper's Bazaar cover 11

girls-with-cosmo-magazine-in-cosmo lofficiel-russia-september-2008-1 lofficiel-russia-september-2008-2 p61026-085856 p61026-085936 p61026-085951 p61026-090012 vogue-russia-september-2008-1 vogue-russia-september-2008-2 vogue-us-september-2016-1 girl-with-a-magazine-in-a-magazine vogue-us-september-2016-2

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  1. I love seeing women with their magazines. Used to love the way girls held their mags to their chests as they walked along. I wonder if they felt as good to them as they do to us!
    I sometimes do this on the pretence of rummaging through my pockets looking for keys or change etc or especially when im buying magazines in shops. Always hoping someone with the same fetish might notice!

  2. I admit I love these kind of pictures too. But its so rare to find in magazines.
    And totally agree with Jackie, it’s so good to see a women holding a magazine to their chests.

  3. I love seeing a woman embracing her magazine, clutching it tight to her creasts.
    Seems they are totally un aware on the impact on avid mag-lovers like us ;).

  4. Seeing a woman hold a sexy fashion magazine against her body like a sexy schoolgirl holding her books is one of the hottest turn ons for me ever. I often have my GF hold her issue of cosmopolitan or brides(we aren’t engaged haha) while we are having sex.

    Soo hot!!

  5. Times times magazine times, I got the magazine for the New York times. Times times magazine times, I got the magazine from the mag mag magazine

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