One of my favorite topics is women reading dirty magazines – specially if they are the cover model themselve! I’ve found a lot more pictures online, but all of them are weird formats, that cannot be uploaded to this site…But try to google “Woman reading Playboy” or “Woman reading Maxim” and magic will happen! The most sexy picture is of a cute girl holding a Maxim Magazine close to her chest. SO HOT!

The last three pictures is from within an issue of Danish men’s magazine M!

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  1. This is right up my street. I can’t even describe how it drives me horny to see women with porn mags, it doesn’t even matter what they’re doing with them.. I’ve had so many customs made… if you’ve ever seen a clip site where there is a girl with porn mags (and probably destroying them!) you can bet it was me that had it made… mortgage payments be dammed, I’ve got an addiction to feed!

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