Buying your own magazines!

I grew up with my mother who was a Damernas Värld reader. I remember all her Damernas magazines laying around. I can clearly remember when I saw the attraciton to a girl on the cover of a Damernas at really young age. I was never out of magazines at home. When my mother was away I feast my self in those glossies. I started to masturbate to them when I was around 10-11 yrs.  A bit later on, I started to realize that there where other magazines than Damernas that contained those gorgeous fashinon girls. I often follow my mom to the stores and I saw a magazine called FEMINA. It looked so glossy, feminine and had even more beautiful ladies on the covers. My mom never purcased FEMINA, I remember I got really frustraded sometimes that she never purcased FEMINA when we where shopping.

I bought my very first magazine at 12 yrs old. Using my savings and I walked to a local store. Problably now you know what magazine I was about to buy?. It was FEMINA and the strange look I got from the girl at the checkout was exeptional. I still remember her face expression that she really wanted to ask me why I was going to purcase that magazine, but she probably did not dare. When I left the store I was very aroused and hard as rock. I did not manage to get home, I stopped by the nearest forest and masturbated and came really fast. Twice actually. When I got home I hide it under my bed for a time. My mom of course found it later on when she was cleaning my room. When I notice it was gone and not realize how it disappeard I got a bit sad. I was home alone when I found it a couple of days later. Laying beside my moms bed room table. I almost fainted! I was of course happy that I had found my FEMINA again, but also freaked that my mother had taken advantage of it. Again that feeling made me so hard for some reason, I pull down my pants and sat in her bed masturbate to my FEMINA.

But hey!
Back to the girl in the shop.
I have always wondered what she was thinking of seeing a young boy like me buying a FEMINA magazine for his saving moneys?

How´s the story for you guys? Do you remember your first buy?

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  1. I started out buying Seventeen magazine the first time when I was about 13 yrs. old and I still get Seventeen on Ebay now to look at and masturbate with them.

  2. The very first “grown up” magazine I bought was PLAYBOY – way back in 1980. I was heading to boarding school and thought I would be bullied if I was caught with Cosmo – my first love! So I just didn’t have the courage to buy Cosmo way back then until the following year where I bought a US Cosmo – the April 1981 issue. I did this in Singapore when travelling alone and it was so so empowering – I felt I ruled the world and very proudly read it in public whilst waiting for the aeroplane to take me home. It all seems like yesterday.

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