My first magazine that I fucked was Twój Styl issue from december 2003. When i touched that glossy cover i felt so horny. unfortunately i destroyed her later :(.

First magazine that i bought new in shop was Zwierciadło. That cover made me so horny. I had to buy it. I was so ashamed and scared but i did. I took long time when i started buying new magazines personaly.

What about you?

And special bonus for you


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  1. Hii! Great start with your magazines.

    My first magazine, I stole from my mother. I think it was the summer issue 1986. I was spellbound by Isabella Rosselinis Lancome ads.
    After that i basically stole all outreaded magazine from my mother. Later on I even waited for the magazine to arrive in our mailbox before my mom found it. I masturbated to the magazine for a day or two. I then put it back to the mail slot. That just worked fine to the day I started to produce semen. 🙂

    I bought my first Damernas in the early ninties, always when i bougt my cigarettes.
    I also have sprayed my cum on zwierciadlo. I great magazine with great looking girls.

  2. lovely pic – Keira looks amazing on the back cover, and the reader’s hands /nails on the mag look beautiful. I love her hair too, and how you can see her brows, but not her eyes.

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