New Rules for posts on MF – 2

Hello everyone, You have recently saw an article on 29th December, posted by BXV, that I didn’t validate. Nevertheless, the idea proposed by BXV, is interesting, as we recently saw some people commented just for trolling. BXV offered to help me to filter the comments and he is tired to see this kind of comments.I […]

Hello – Goodbye ?

Have you guys see/heard about that sad news? Hello magazine, one of the best seller in UK, is changing format and quality… What is happening…?? It is so sad, I don’t feel I want to buy it again now… Or maybe rarely. Also, anyone here from Australia ? I heard that because of Covid, […]

My Rakuten store

Hi everyone, just to let you know that I am having space issue in my flat, so me and my wife decided to sell some of our magazines. You can check the store on Rakuten : am concious that some of the prices are high, it is because we are very attached to it […]

Online Newsstands from all around the world

I’d like to gather here, in order to put links on the right bar, all the online shops you know to order worldwide magazines, apart from ebay. Don’t hesitate to contribute, and I’ll add the links. UK: France:

Any help from England ?

Little update of an old post: Hi guys, I was wondering if there is anyone from England who could help me to buy and ship to me some new copies of newspapers such as “Sunday Sport”, “Weekend Sport”, and probably some others magazines.¬†Of course I will pay for it. If there is anyone, please leave […]

Reading by the Swimming Pool

To encourage you for the new week, and to make you wait for summer time ! (unfortunately, we won’t see it often, as everything is digital nowadays…)