Have you guys see/heard about that sad news? Hello magazine, one of the best seller in UK, is changing format and quality…
What is happening…??


It is so sad, I don’t feel I want to buy it again now… Or maybe rarely.

Also, anyone here from Australia ? I heard that because of Covid, ELLE and Harper’s Bazaar fold there ??? Anyone can confirm?

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  1. One of the sexy thi gs about this magazine was the length or height of it. If the cover had a good face portrait of a hot woman young or old I would have it. I’d live seeing the the size of it when it would be wrapped round my cosk. .

    The climax would provide a nice sting so to speak.

    If there was a good make up ad again it would be very satisfying to.civer it. A old Gwen Stefani one comes to mind when she was done up in gold make up. Mmmmm.

  2. Yeah sadly Harper’s Bazaar and Elle Australia folded, thankfully Vogue Australia is definitely not going anywhere. As for Hello, or any of the weird tabloid mags. I wont ever miss them if they fold. Good riddance imo.

    1. Yeah that’s good Vogue is still here… But still… it’s a big loss I feel.

      About tabloid mag, I understand if some people don’t like them. I personally really enjoy them and it is so sad what is happening…

      1. Agreed. I’ve been buying mags every week since around 1983 and can probably rattle off about 25 titles that have gone down the drain without thinking too hard. As online takes place of everything we know, not one single magazine is safe. You only have to compare sales figures over the last 25 years to see where its going sadly

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