U.S. Cosmo

2022 was the worst year for Cosmo covers and I have every issue from the last 10 years. Finally the first cover of 2023 came out and it is hot! I am glad they are back, I was almost done and it was sad.

Disaster averted

Today my wife was in a frenzy cleaning the house and instead of putting her Cosmos in the recycling bin where I can safely retrieve them, she threw them in the garbage! My heart started pounded and I was hoping she wasn’t going to put any food in the garbage, luckily she didn’t and I […]

Christmas Present

Last night I made love to my wife on the couch and it was positioned so I could see the magazine basket the whole time. I could see 2 Cosmos, a Woman’s Health Elle and Marie Claire. It was hot! she may not know or understand my fetish but at least there are some ways […]

That Feeling

The feeling we get when we have a new magazine at home and we finally get to spend time with it. Reading it, smelling it and other things, I subscribe to a lot of magazines but only get time to spend with them rarely. I tell my wife that I subscribe for her but she […]