Women readers ?

I wonder if there are any genuine ladies on this site. I adore servicing a goddess. I can eat out a pussy for 9 hours as my tongue wraps around a throbbing clit, and a stroke her labia like licking a soft ice cream. Perhaps Round 2 would involve inserting a soft finger and stroking […]

Woman Magazine Fantasy

Woman Magazine Fantasy When I was young, I fancied an older woman that my mother worked for, named Jacqui. She was sophisticated, sensual, sexy, drop-dead gorgeous, with flame red hair that reached down to her bum, great legs, and all the right curves in all the right places. She seemed quite flattered that a young […]

I am Daffy

Many moons ago, I joined Gromet’s Plaza and wrote some 150 fantasy stories, mainly about trashcan but also many transformation stories where I discussed my desire to become a woman’s magazine. I also wrote giantess, vore, doll, buried, machine, bound stories. Although, I had my fair share of critics, I also had a number of […]