Quick fun with Anna Hickmann

Time short, and I did a quick jizz on the brazillian model Anna Hickmann. She’s very hot and in many years she was cover in many magazines. But, some lingeries catalogs with her pics are my treasures. There’s one picture where she’s wearing semi transparent clothes and her nipples and the shape of her pussy […]

A bit of fun, a sample from my collection and hot faces to load.

Here come some pics from my Boa Forma and Nova collection. Boa forma is a brazillian brand for fitness, beauty and health magazine, meanwhile Nova was our version for the worldwide known Cosmopolitan. In the 2010s the mag name switched into Cosmpolitan. I like the hot models and / or desired/ famous actresses in the […]

Happy to “cum back” again

Much time has passed since my last contribution here. Around 3 or 4 years. Many things changed. Many magazines died and pubblications moved to digital. I tryied print out some pics, or sometimes cummed on tablet’s screen, but this isn’t the same feeling. I’m not good at all with words, and we are here because […]

Premium quality fashion books and lingerie catalogs.

Those are not exactly women’s mags, but for the purpose of this blog I believe that is relevant. Sometimes we can find gold in the trash, and this is what had happen to me. But first I’ll tell how this began. My passion for lingerie catalogs has started at school, when I was 13 or […]

This is my mags fetish

Hello everyone! This is my collection of glossy women’s mags. I’m from Brazil and some of these mags may be new for You all. My fetish for woman mags started, when I was a young boy, about my 10 or 11 years, and I went to the dentist, meanwille I was waiting my time, I […]