It feels like this page is dying!

Hello, it feels like this page is dying, like it’s been in maintenance mode since June this year. When is it coming back to the state it was before? And there also was an instagram account which featured women and girls reading magazines or posing with them. I think it was called “readingmagazines” but that […]

Magazines and girlfriend?

Hello! Since a few months back I’ve met this beautiful girl that I’m together with. We share a lot of sexy and naughty time together but I want to introduce my fetish into it a bit more. She knows I have a bit of a fetish for school yearbooks and we laugh about how I […]

Treated myself with a new Julia magazine ☺️

Since it’s been Christmas and New Year’s Eve I decided to treat myself with a new magazine. I didn’t really have a mag in mind when I went to the store and I new that currently there aren’t really a lot of nice covers out here in Sweden. But this Julia magazine caught my attention […]

Posters in Julia magazine

I love some of the posters in this Julia magazine from the fall of 2020! The last girl I’ve cummed to a lot. Hanna Ferm is her name 😍

My last yearbook just arrived

I’m so excited, the new yearbook arrived! I’m studying at a university where we don’t get yearbooks. But one of my friends (a girl) managed to accidentally get two yearbooks, she know a little about my love for them and kindly asked me if I wanted one. Of course I said! Here’s some pictures of […]

Turned on by A4 paper booklets?

I study full time so I have a lot of old A4 booklets with text and stuff I’ve studied to just laying around. A few weeks ago I was horny and decided to “use” these booklets whilst making myself feel good. The paper is nothing like a glossy Elle magazine but they actually got me […]

New magazine🤩

Bought this hot magazine today! I’ve never tried a Femina magazine before but this cover makes me really horny! Unfortunately I can’t use it until Wednesday 🙁

I can’t stop using the yearbook!

It just feels so good. The beautiful smell and smooth cold feeling of the yearbook turns me on so much. I bought two copies of the same yearbook last year as well to keep one sealed in plastic so the smell won’t escape 🙈

Two of my yearbooks

These are my two favourite yearbooks (I won’t show the covers nor the inside for privacy reasons) but they have a beautiful aroma that fills the room (especially the one from Kungsfoto) and inside there are pictures of some of my crushes from school 😉 One of my hottest memories is from when I got […]