I am so in love with this catalog. Anyone else enjoy Northstyle?  

Glossy Alpine Beauties?

I’m an american and will be travelling to Switzerland and Austria in a few months. I recall from a few years ago that there were lots of looking ladies and teens magazines, but I didn’t get to buy any. I won’t miss out this time. Can anyone share any favarorites that might be smiling at […]

Show the first magazines(s) you ever bought

I thought it would be fun to share everyone’s first magazines. If you remember the issue(s) and can find pics, please post them. These are my firsts. I was 14 and I was in love!

Bridal magazines

I have recently become obsessed with Bridal Guide magazine (in the U.S.).  I’ve been getting girls and women’s mags since I first bought a copy of Seventeen when I was 14, and have gotten bridal mags for years. But right now I am so stuck on Bridal Guide.  They still put pretty models on the […]