Do you ever feel certain sensations when using rare edition magazines?

TL:DR : For those who have used magazines / newspapers / whatever that are quite rare to the point of destruction…. do you feel excited or anything doing so? This popped into my thoughts some time ago when I found a tabloid with a particularly striking cover that I really liked. So I used it, […]

Quilting Magazines

Went to my favourite bookstore this weekend. They usually had troves of used books for sale, including magazines. I always prefer used magazines as they’re much more cost-effective, I don’t really need the most up-to-date editions anyway, I only need the pictures to put it bluntly. Also, I’m kind of new to magazines and I […]

A new way to use a magazine

Years ago when I was a teenager still trying to… make sense of the world, I came across this guy selling kebab (I think) down the street near my school. At this point, I already understood my fascination towards printed things, newspapers to be precise, so young me was on a lookout almost every day […]

Can’t post comments

Admin, not sure what happened, but I haven’t been able to post any comments since last year. Always met with “can’t post comment to prevent spam” error message. What’s going on?

What makes a good picture for you?

When it comes to the pictures of a model, every details matter. The model, the clothes she’s wearing, the mishmash of colours, the angle of the camera, the face expressions, the poses, and even the font used if there’s a writing on the picture. All of those elements can make or break the experience offered […]

Have you ever “used” the best examples of your collection?

Alright, something just crossed my mind in this cold night. Look, we’re collecting a lot of magazines right? And I’m sure you’d have several of magazines that you’d consider the best of the lot. The “Queen of the castle” if you will. Maybe those magazines have the best pictures you’ve ever seen. Or maybe those […]

The Fish market experience

Alright just a very short write-up about this weird thing I experienced. This Saturday I went to a fish market near me (a traditional market, not the supermarket kind of market) to pick up some fishes. This isn’t my first time, in fact I’ve been doing this routine for years anywhere between once or twice […]

Magazines with “textured” pages?

I picked up 3 CLEO magazines this morning, all of them the same issue. Bought it at a used books store. It’s an old issue, 2012. Was an impulse buy to be honest, the cover is quite decent. One weird thing about those magazines that I just noticed is, the paper have some kind of […]

My weird fascination with ruined newspapers (a history)

Hi all, it’s a good Sunday night right now, with the drizzling rain, and I thought I’d write a bit more about my history with newspapers, and maybe if any of you could somehow relate with it (not the newspaper part, but other parts of the story). I’ll try to make this one shorter as […]

Magazine Tier List (my version)

Hello everyone. Haven’t logged in for awhile. I’m currently waiting at a train station and have some time to kill. Inspired by some “Tier List” videos I’ve been watching, I decided to write one with magazines! Some things to note, to be frank, I’m not very seasoned with magazines. I’m more of a newspaper guy, […]