For many years I have been buying her magazines for under 1 dollar, I recently bought around 50 and the postage hurt her more than the selling price. I can’t afford her anymore, but all of her magazines are of the best quality, near new even.

Sealed sections still sealed, they are still perfumed too, so when the friction gets going and her sweet scent rises up to your nose, while your rhythmically heaving over her, its truly amazing.

Second hand AND as new, the pages are still fresh, I have tasted Cosmo Magazines from 2008 and they still hold that femine feel and flavour. I am sad to give away her details. But she has been good to me.

So I return the favour and share her ebay details.

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  1. That’s nice… I guess. I don’t reveal my secret sources…
    People “scrapbooking” magazines, pulling out their, actually common and worthless, favourite hard-on girl from a super rare never-again type of magazine and chucking the actual good stuff in the bin. Christ… wtf… other people can’t be trusted with “the good stuff”.

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