Meet my new girlfriend!

So this is Meggs! My beautiful girlfriend and she loves magazines just as much as I do! Some of you may have met her before on insta through the Reading magazines account. You can message her and see more of her on: Instagram: magazine__addict Onlyfans: We also have a ton of magazines for sale […]

Vogue Uk July 2022

Great edition of Vogue this month some great shots especially of Beyoncé, great shots for anyone with a pvc/leather fetish too! This Mag was a huge turn on for me and just had to share it with you guys! I’d love to share it even more with you guys if you know what I mean […]

Best kept Secret

For many years I have been buying her magazines for under 1 dollar, I recently bought around 50 and the postage hurt her more than the selling price. I can’t afford her anymore, but all of her magazines are of the best quality, near new even. Sealed sections still sealed, they are still perfumed too, […]

Glad to be here!

Heyyy all, So glad I found this site and super-glad to be here 🙂 A little present for you guys attached. Muahh  

Some magazines to sell

Hello Everyone, I would like to sell some of my nice magazines. I don’t have enough place for them – I always buy new ones – but I don’t want to throw away them. Now I collect Elle (German and Italian mainly), Gioia Italian and some German/French Vogue.  I am in Austria, so preferable buyer […]