Magazines, Newspapers, and Catalogs… Oh my!!

Magazine Newspaper Catalog Fetish

I finally got rid of the wife for long enough to have some much-needed fun with my magazines, broadsheet newspapers, and catalogs. I had a lot of fun… But unfortunately, I came soo quickly after finally touching myself I had to stop and couldn’t reload my little cock. I wish I had a mistress to […]

Woman Magazine Fantasy

Woman Magazine Fantasy When I was young, I fancied an older woman that my mother worked for, named Jacqui. She was sophisticated, sensual, sexy, drop-dead gorgeous, with flame red hair that reached down to her bum, great legs, and all the right curves in all the right places. She seemed quite flattered that a young […]

Kicks yet again.

Kicks is here again with a loaded magazine! About a year ago I signed up a second acount. I now possess 2 issues every time, Yay! So many cuties to cum on. Many Face closeup pitcures, just what I love! 🙂 Tonight I will have some fun!                 […]

Adventures of OVERVOGUE

I love to look at the fashion magazines. Vogue, ELLE, Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire, Glamour, Cosmo, and the others. My main 3, would have to be ELLE, Vogue and Bazaar I guess.. I don’t just masturbate to these mages, I um actually lay my cock on them and fuck them at times. Other times I […]

Last night with Elle and Vogue

Hi there. Last night I had a long awaited evening with my Cardi B ELLE and UK Vogue. Both magazines where quite thick and had a wonderful aroma.  I had to cum on Cardi. A well worth orgasm.              

Woman – love at first sight

Hi there – I’m new to this amazing forum and wanted to share with you how I got into this fetish. It all began when my big sister started reading Woman – a danish magazine aimed at young women (age group 18-35). I immediately fell in love with the glossy cover and the juicy headlines […]

Any help from England ?

Little update of an old post: Hi guys, I was wondering if there is anyone from England who could help me to buy and ship to me some new copies of newspapers such as “Sunday Sport”, “Weekend Sport”, and probably some others magazines. Of course I will pay for it. If there is anyone, please leave […]

My fetish

Since many years I like jerkin on old magazine with Tiffani Thiessen and others old playboy… I like cum on them.   I fantasies one day to destroy all my collection (fire, cut,…)

Glad to be here!

Heyyy all, So glad I found this site and super-glad to be here 🙂 A little present for you guys attached. Muahh  

Girl eating magazine pages

I know this site for quite a while already but so far I never posted anything here…until now! I don’t know why but for some reason I just love the idea of eating magazine pages or even entire magazines and feeling them pass trough me. I know that it’s pretty poisonous and I actually stopped […]