Sep 102019
I've bought a bunch of magazines

●▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬๑ ❤️ ๑▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬● So yesterday i bought a bunch magazines for only about 15$. Most of them are Costume, but quite a few ELLE and Det Nye aswell. If you’re not familiar with Det Nye then it’s a Norwegian fashion magazine with the best paper quality like ever 😍. I would love to go through all the […]

Sep 082019

  For those who have brought magazines into their sex life, what do you do with them during sex? I’ve been thinking of including them into my gf and I sex, but what are some things that you do with them? let me know how you introduced it

Aug 272019
Summer love

Here is my summer favorite issues. I have to say that Tatler is a very good wank mag. Especially with Anne on cover. Perhaps this summers best and most cum drainer. Who wants to play with me?   I also like to show you all my favorite Damernas Värld. Who also drain me. I use […]

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Aug 172019
I just wanted to showcase my collection and my story

This is my current colection (Sorry for not being able to upload the image to the server) . I love thick fashion magazines. I always keep rotating it. Sadly I have been force to throw my collection out too many times and I also recently bought a bulk of them used. One of my favorites […]

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Aug 132019

MIDNIGHT AMTRAK FASHION MAGAZINE ENCOUNTER In the mid eighties, I had cause to use the northeastern Amtrak corridor between Washington D.C. and Boston at least twice a month. Half the time I was able to decide when I wanted to leave and always would try to take the overnighter back to Boston or Connecticut or […]

May 202018
September Mean Quality Girl Time (Parts 1 &2)

  “Look what came in the mail baby, your favorite fashion magazines.”  She teased holding three thick glossy fashion magazines in her arms.  “It’s the September issues.  They are so big and heavy.” My wife enjoyed the fashion magazines and they were addressed to her but they were my secret indulgence. I loved the glossy […]

Feb 202018
Quality time with my new mags.

It is time for me to have a good time with my new magazines. It have been a while since I could settle down and masturbate to my magazines. First up is my Damernas Värld! I really LOVE her lips, I think she is to be my cumtarget this time. I also got the November […]

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Dec 022017
Mag Bag Orgy

So the other day i had the day off been really busy at work had’nt had a moment to myself in ages. Only one thing for it an all day magazine session where by the end my cock was drained empty all over these magazines and shiny bags. For some reason  also love woman with […]

Nov 172017

Hi guys, I was wondering if there is anyone from England who could help me to buy and ship to me some new copies of newspapers such as “Sunday Sport”, “Weekend Sport”, and probably some others where there are pretty ladies inside (I dont know all of them, but Im sure you can tell me, […]

Oct 232017

Like many of you, I discovered fashion magazines as a child. It started with catalogues and I remember vividly at about age 8 flicking through the pages and becoming aroused. At the time of course I didn’t know what it meant but I liked the feeling so kept on doing it. As time went on […]

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