Sep 202020

Have you guys see/heard about that sad news? Hello magazine, one of the best seller in UK, is changing format and quality…
What is happening…??

It is so sad, I don’t feel I want to buy it again now… Or maybe rarely.

Also, anyone here from Australia ? I heard that because of Covid, ELLE and Harper’s Bazaar fold there ??? Anyone can confirm?

Sep 162020

Personal Online Store

Hi everyone,

just to let you know that I am having space issue in my flat, so me and my wife decided to sell some of our magazines. You can check the store on Rakuten :
I am concious that some of the prices are high, it is because we are very attached to it and we putting on sell just to gain space. If we had a bigger house, we would keep all of them.
Anyway, if you are interested in any, drop me a line, before I put on Ebay where it might goes faster.
We sold already 19 magazines so far. We have much more to post, but it takes so long…
Also, if you have online stores, don’t hesitate to share them as it can interest other members.

Edit: One member told me the fees are super expensive on rakuten… Seems like there is an error from Rakuten, so don’t pay attention to it.

Dec 122018
Mar 142018

4634CD20-9161-4453-9C33-1FD25AA21F02Cosmo has got to be one of my favourite women’s magazines! The colours, glossyness, smell, the models and erotic reading material on the front and inside are enough to get me going 💦 They look so sexy like this, laid out on me month by month collaboratively’! 😍 imagine the weight of several thick heavy Vogue Magazines lying all across you like this…September issues as well! 😏📖