Aug 272019
Summer love

Here is my summer favorite issues. I have to say that Tatler is a very good wank mag. Especially with Anne on cover. Perhaps this summers best and most cum drainer. Who wants to play with me?   I also like to show you all my favorite Damernas Värld. Who also drain me. I use […]

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Aug 262019
Greatest tribute videos so far

I just came across probably one of  THE Hottest fantasies I could imagine in a vid done by an Angel faced dirty little girl as a tribute. Not exactly onto a magazine, but this time I can deal with having a pic from one on the wall too. This is a -probably- Russian couple with […]

Disaster averted

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Aug 242019

Today my wife was in a frenzy cleaning the house and instead of putting her Cosmos in the recycling bin where I can safely retrieve them, she threw them in the garbage! My heart started pounded and I was hoping she wasn’t going to put any food in the garbage, luckily she didn’t and I […]