Hello Everyone,

I would like to sell some of my nice magazines. I don’t have enough place for them – I always buy new ones – but I don’t want to throw away them. Now I collect Elle (German and Italian mainly), Gioia Italian and some German/French Vogue.  I am in Austria, so preferable buyer location is in Eu. Here are some pictures, if you are interested in some just contact with me.

The Vogue USA and Harpers Bazaar USA magazines are in very good condition: no missing pace, no damage. Nice smell 🙂

I have also some Italian Vogue, and some British Vogue to sell. There can be some minor damages, some missing pages. But Usually they are in very good condition and no damages.

I have some Austrian woman magazine like Diva, Flair, Wienerin. Nice covers and content. They are duplicated, but they are without any damage or missing page.

If you don’t want to buy then just enjoy the cover :))

Harpers Bazaar USA:

Vogue USA:

Italian Vogue:


Nice Italian Vogue with Miranda Kerr’s nude pictures


Wienerin, Diva, others:

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  1. GOD! it is like heaven! I want to buy them all! 🙂
    Sadly i need a truck to transport them all to my home. Instead I just watch your lovely photos of the cover. Many of them turns me on!

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