So what’s everyone’s favourite brand of magazine?

Mines Hello and Ok magazines! I love the feel and smell of them. They also usually have a decent selection of celebs and women too which always gets me going! I like a lot of the vogue and Elle magazines too as the pages are a bit better quality and take a nice thick load well! Also a lot of the celeb gossip mags like heat and closer if I’m looking for something on the cheap.

Looking forward to hearing what everyone else favourite magazines are!

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  1. It varies week to week. I love the ok and hello magazines but its always down to the covers. I just love a gorgeously feminine cover. New look ok magazine has a great glossy cover but often buy woman, womans own, best, Bella, hello and ok along with whatever monthlies take my fancy. Do miss all the titles that have ceased over the years though

    1. Yeah it seems like a lot of magazines have stopped publishing or change quality etc, I used to love getting look magazine for the glossy covers, can’t say I’ve seen them in shops lately have the stopped publishing too?

  2. Nice pictures. Holly always looks great in shiny skirts.

    I’m likening previous magazines. These days they’re often a let down.

    Woman and Home this year have been the best covers during 2020.

    Vogue is now nothing more that a political BLM rag with models from the Calais migrant camps. Definitely passion killer!!

  3. In the overall time of mine in this fetish (which has been decades now) these are the favs:
    Harpers Bazaar
    ELLE (used to be #1 but when they changed the paper, nope)

    Marie Claire

  4. TBF I can’t choose / say what is my favourite. My dick doesn’t speak english…. LMFAO!
    Every mag has its strong point that makes me love it, but I havnt a favourite one.

    Brazilian magazines: Boa Forma ( fitness focused) and Nova ( cosmopolitan version), Those ones have good and sexy pictures to enjoy, faces closes, sexy ads. But the paper isn’t too good. The older editions had glossy and better papers, but the last ones is horrible.

    Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, I like them, but got a few ones older editions. The editions are thick and the paper provide perfect feeling when I fuck them.

    But the best ones I like, are not exactly magazines. Are fashion catalogs/ lookbooks . I had the luckiest day in my life when I found ones in a box near a bikini / swimwear store. They have high quality paper, the editions have hard cover, in the most ones are thick and they are heavy. I keep and take care of those with all my love. Those are my precious!

  5. My fav and love of my life is COSMOPOLITAN. I read my first Cosmo when I was 14 and it’s been a love affair ever since. My first orgasm was with Cosmo. Now I have something like 2500-3000 of them from all over the world!

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