Do you buy second hand magazines too?

I have bought many of my magazines on second hand online stores. You can buy tonns of magazines for cheap. Which page do you know? One of my favorite is the Austrian willhaben page. Can you suggest any others? From this guy i have bought many, and he can find special magazines too, if you […]

Selling some part of my collection

Hi mates, Because i am running out of space i decided to sell 2-300 magazines. They are mainly Vogue Deutsch in perfect condition. From 2013 back till around 1990. The price would be 3 € for the issues after 2001, and 10 € before that. The minimum order should be 30 €. I post inside […]

Are you interrested in magazine auction?

I just decided to sell some of my vintage German Vogue magazines. They are in good condition. One two pages can be damaged but mostly in perfect conditions. What would it worth for you? Payment by paypal. Delivery is from Austria and it is additional cost. Minimum price is 120 euro.

Nude in Freundin

There are many pages in Freundin – mostly in older issues – where not just lingerie girls are, but totally naked. I share some of this beauty with you. I was always wondering why these pictures are in a magazine for women. 🙂 I think they are mostly for the husbands/boyfriends of the readers. Unfortunately […]

Freundin Lingerie

I have already shared some of my beauty Freundin covers from 1995-2010 earlier. Now I show some pictures from them where the girls are really sexy.

Some of my beauties

Hi guys, here are some of my currently bought beauties for you to enjoy. More in my galleries. cheers  

Why are we here?

Why this forum is created? Why we are here? Why this community try to search and post magazine related pictures? Are we interested in magazines? Are we interested in magazine fetish? Are we gays? Are we interested in penis? I don’t know why u are here guys. I am a hetero guy who love magazines […]