Using AI on other fetishes besides Magazine fetish.(smoking fetish)

If you use the Bing AI and tell it words that will go around the “prompt error” you can actually use it for more akward pictures that mostly will be banned in AI making. Like some of my smoking fetish pics. Using fashion codes and some other things to make the AI more tolerant. “teenage […]

Your first magazine purcase

Buying your own magazines! I grew up with my mother who was a Damernas Värld reader. I remember all her Damernas magazines laying around. I can clearly remember when I saw the attraciton to a girl on the cover of a Damernas at really young age. I was never out of magazines at home. When […]

Daisy Beauty

Another Swedish magazine that is quite good. It mostly features makeup facts, which I like very much. That magazine is a good thing, What is not so good, is to have leather-like sheets in the bed. Cum stains is a nightmare to get rid off. As you all can see them. Some leftovers from last […]

Kicks yet again.

Kicks is here again with a loaded magazine! About a year ago I signed up a second acount. I now possess 2 issues every time, Yay! So many cuties to cum on. Many Face closeup pitcures, just what I love! 🙂 Tonight I will have some fun!                 […]


Hi,  I got my hands on the new Swedish ELLE with Zara Larsson. Oh yes! she is so damn sexy!!. There was good pics of her to cum On.  A well investment. Also I got the new KICKS magazine!!!. As usual, KICKS deliver some great closeup pictures to do facials on. You just need to […]

New haul

Here is my new mags.  Fap time delux I may say.  I had a great time with both Gigi and Fka Twigs covers. Sprayed my cum all over them, especially Fka Twigs, I toss in some pictures of both magazines and a late Easter egg. The Lady Gaga queen.  

Vogue Paris

I couldnt resist. I finally purcased Vogue Paris. I cover girl just blows me away. As soon as I got home I started to masturbate to it. I really like Vogue Paris. It feels really heavy in my hands despite that it is not as thick as the Autumn issues.  I only go for the […]

One more cover

Please compare with the original cover for Glossy. 🙂    

In bed with Hennes

Hail to all Magazine friends! I hope you guys had a great finish of the 2020! The first day of the year. I am going to give a tibrute to the magazine Hennes.  It was a wonderful magazine with alot of wankable ads and models. This issue featuring my all time crush Carolina Gynning and […]