Magazine surprise!

Today I bought my favorite Danish magazine “Woman”, and inside the magazine was a lovely surprise – an envelope with a shining silver square on it! I became very exited because it combined the two things I love the most – glossy magazines and shining envelopes! It has always been a huge turn on for […]

Sissy reading

All tied up and nowhere to go. Then I might as well read some women’s magazines!

Women reading men’s magazines

One of my favorite topics is women reading dirty magazines – specially if they are the cover model themselve! I’ve found a lot more pictures online, but all of them are weird formats, that cannot be uploaded to this site…But try to google “Woman reading Playboy” or “Woman reading Maxim” and magic will happen! The […]

Women reading papers and magazines – a never ending love story

Sexy girls reading glossy magazines, books and newspapers is simply the best! I’ve found to interesting links, that you may already know. If you doesn’t, then you should definetely check the out!

Autumn coziness

Autumn is here, and what better way to celebrate than to cross-dress and relax with a woman’s magazine on the couch? So cozy and girlish:) P.S. I havn’t been posting or commenting for a very long time because of technical issues. But now I’ve finally solved them, and I’m glad to be able to share […]

Magazine shopping while locked up

Today I locked my cock up in a small chastity cage and went shopping for magazines. I’m still not comfortable with buying womens magazines in public, so I get very exited each time. The feeling of my cock trying to get erect when I reached the counter and handed over the magazine to the beautiful […]