German Cosmo reducing quality

This month, I saw that Cosmo started to sell a low quality version of the magazine for 1 euro…the paper quality is very low and it just feels like carton…I bet this is the next test balloon and they are checking the market if people accept the bad quality to save some money. And I […]

German Elle

This months, German Elle reduced paper quality…Elle was always one of my absolute favourits…Elle was always such a nice perfect magazine but over the last years, Elle reduced format size but the paper quality was always great and very glossy…This month, I went to the magazine store and was looking forwar to buy the current […]

Incredible video

Magazine porn clips

Hey guys, By the way, I am the one who let the girls on extralunchmoney do the jobs…Wild eva and wet kelly and helena moeller made the videos for me, each approx. 30 $. So nice videos…the girls really understood what i like…and you guys violated my copyright by posting your logins here giving everybody […]

Magazine fetish blog

I dont know who made the blog but he must be like all of us!

Magazines and Wife

Hey Guys, I totally share the glossy magazine fetish. I am addicted to the beautiful fashion magazines like Elle, Vogue, Marie Claire, Cosmo and several other ones. I love the smell, the feeling on my skin, the feminin look and the beautiful pictures. Due to I am married with my beautiful wife, I had to […]