Elle Poland August 2019

Hey. It’s new Elle cover that will be out IS it makes you hard? If you want i will post Picture witam cum on her tits, but you will have to write in comment. By the way on cover its written that is remake of this cover with same actress. Which one is better?

Our Chat

Hey guys, do you ever thought about our channel on IRC or chat somewhere?

Oh Keira

I just bought it. I cant resist Keira on cover

Marie Claire Poland

I loved polish edition but they kill it in 2005. It’s hard to find those issues.

Few thoughts about Vogue Poland

Many people waited many years for polish Vogue. And we finally have it. It was also good message for me. First issue First cover. Piece of shit. For me cover is very important. And that issue don’t makes me horny. Second. As far the best cover. And i thought about buying it but, not for […]

Vogue Poland

Hi, they just launched Vogue Poland, here is it’s first cover. What do you think guys? For me it looks like totaly shit.

Your first magazine

My first magazine that I fucked was Twój Styl issue from december 2003. When i touched that glossy cover i felt so horny. unfortunately i destroyed her later :(. First magazine that i bought new in shop was Zwierciadło. That cover made me so horny. I had to buy it. I was so ashamed and […]